Must Gallery

Roberto Kusterle - Solo Show

Thursday 06 February 2014 - Sunday 09 March 2014

Roberto Kusterle was born in 1948 in Gorizia (Italy), where lives and works. For the first time in Switzerland, Roberto Kusterle exposes at the MUST GALLERY in Lugano. A small retrospective exhibition that traces the last 10 years one of the most popular artists in Italy. Roberto Kusterle works in the field of visual arts since the 70s, initially with painting and installations. From 1988 he began to take an interest in photography that has become his primary means of expression. Roberto Kusterle create imaginary worlds, timeless. The result is a sense of mystery and ambiguity that evokes thoughts of all kinds. For older shots, strictly done with film, allestiva real "mise en scene" done by him, without any intervention or manipulation to the computer: men or women were really wearing part of animals or getting dirty with ground and mud. In recent years, with the most recent series, starting from the beautiful Mutabiles Nymphae, began to unite shooting analog and digital post-production for correcting tones and inserting parts of nature or animal into the human figures. Without betraying the great research and quality of the final work that leaves, again, abducted by the power of the admonition that runs through all his works since ever: a single message that is the focus on the' man and Nature in a wished merger. Kusterle's work has got a poetry that goes beyond simple photography, to become together sculpture, theater, performance.

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