Must Gallery

- Evento Speciale - THE MAXI COLLECTION

Thursday 20 March 2014 - Sunday 23 March 2014

It is an honour and a pleasure for the MUST GALLERY to welcome and accommodate for the first time in Switzerland the largest and most complete private collection of Maxi Swatch.
The exhibition would like to present as evidence the road followed by the brand, through the stages of study, research and development in the last thirty years, with various world famous artists and designers, and in doing so giving birth to and developing a strong sense of collecting.
This has been made possible, together with this catalogue which represents some of the most original and unpublished aspects, thanks to the collaboration of an impassioned committee of collectors and a great deal of passion.
Lastly, thank you to all of those who preferred to remain Anonymous and to all of those who, with their hard work and enthusiasm have supported the gallery once again, making this next
marvellous adventure possible.

Andrea Brovedani

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