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Roberto Kusterle


Gorizia, 1948

Since the Seventies he works within the field of the Visual Arts, devoting himself to painting and installation works. Since 1988 his interest for photograhy begins, that has become his primary way to express himself. Roberto Kusterle was born in 1948 in Gorizia (Italy), where lives and works. The works of the photographer Roberto Kusterle, born in Gorizia, readopt the differenceof the animal through a physical transformation process. Thus, the human and the animal like natures merge together and revive totally indefinable creatures. So his work shows a constantly varying Phantasy which inspires the observer to regard the transformation on his own self. Roberto Kusterle is not only a photographer: he uses the photographic medium but exclusively as the last level of a creative, multiform and laborious process, which begins so far away and founds in the photographic registration the chartered medium for the crystallization of the images. All his research implicates, after the initial intuition, a set of competences and specific capacities: the artist demonstrates to master them confidentially and imaginatively. Kusterle is first of all a director, then a sculptor, a decorator, a costume designer, a make-up artist, a “magician”, and finally a photographer. The Anglo-Saxons define this kind of photography “staged photography”: it could be also defined “photography of staging” or “theatrical photography”. In fact the oldest images of Kusterle’s artistic production seem to be extracted from the big theatre of life and, more specifically, from a dream world, which interacts with our rational and conscious life.


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  • abbandono-sul-fondo-2002
  • alle-radici-2006
  • difesa-della-luce-2002
  • growt
  • il-collare
  • lettere-della-terra-2004
  • volo-notturno