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Ilaria Ferretti


Fabriano, 1980

Ilaria Ferretti grew up in her family's restaurant, spending many childhood afternoons sat on the dishwasher in the kitchen, watching her mother at work at the stove. In '99 she moved to Turin to study photography and find her way into the art world. She started her artistic career upon graduating in photography at the European Institute of Design.
Expert in FineArt printing techniques and dark room processes, she creates visionary works characterised by a personal aesthetic, which merges dark thoughts and universal beauty. Her poetics has been defined as “Punk-Romantic” by Pippo Ciorra.
The project Bestiario (Bestiary) has been exposed at ESSERE(e)MISTERO, Contemporary Art Review edited by Maria Rita Montagnani, at Palazzo Mediceo of Seravezza (IT) in 2014 and at Lingotto of Turin in Bam on tour - Contemporary Photobox edited by Edoardo Di Mauro under the artistic direction of Riccardo Ghirardini in 2013; in the same year in Bestiari (Pietro Bologna, Stefano Faravelli, Ilaria Ferretti, Roberto Kusterle) at PHOS Multipurpose Center for Photography and Visual Arts to Chieri (IT) and Barocco (Daniela Perego, Pia Stadtbaumer, Elke Warth, Ilaria Ferretti) edited by Franz Paludetto at the Castle of Rivara - Contemporary Art Center (Italy) in 2011.
To Milan she has presented CONCRETE, personal exhibition organized by Veronica Iurich at Napapjiri Gallery in 2009 and took part to: “Il grande disegno” exhibition edited by Elisa Gusella, Fuori MiArt official event, at Fabbrica Borroni for Young Italian Artist to Bollate in 2007 and “Il corridoio dell’arte per lo sport e per la pace” edited by Gabriella Serusi and Gabriele Fasolino at the Triennale Palace in 2005.
She has also held exhibitions in Rome, Bologna, Padova and Trieste.
In Germany, she took part to POLYLOG - Mittelmeerbiennale Koln at Rathaus der Stadt Koln (Cologne) in 2008.
In the Marche, homeland which has always provided energy and inspiration for her research, has exposed to Monte San Vito in “Paesaggi del Lavoro, in mostra” exhibition edited by Cristiana Colli and Marco Montemaggi. She has won the Section 1 of the homonymous photography contest organized by the cultural Association “Il Paesaggio dell’Eccellenza” of Recanati, in 2008 and 2009.
About national contemporary art contests under 35, she has been selected for Quotidiana ’07 and has been finalist of Premio Terna 03, category Gigawatt.
She teaches FineArt printing techniques at IED - European Institute of Design of Turin since 2007.
Responsable of PHOS Lab, the Fine Art Laboratory and of the AiR Program at PHOS - Multipurpose Center for Photography and Visual Arts to Chieri (Torino).
Actually lives in Torino (Italy).


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