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Andrea Salvetti


Lucca, 1967

Andrea lives and works in the hills of the Apuan Alps near Lucca. He works in his sculpture and design studio, opened in 1991, using a host of different materials and technologies, paying particular attention to fusion metals. Andrea not only designs but plays an active role in the creation of his artwork in his studio, believing in the testimony of his own work.
His interests span across different themes and disciplines, from sculpture, design, architecture, performance and cookery. This eclecticism moves descriptions of Andrea's work beyond straightforward definitions to a broader illustration of interconnected styles and disciplines. In the last few years, Andrea has produced a number of works in collaboration with art and design galleries both in Italy and abroad, such as Albero, Apparita, Mazzolin di fiori, Nilufar and Moss.
His pieces have been exhibited throughout the world in a variety of venues and contexts and have featured in numerous publications across a whole range of subjects. Electa published the "Terra Terra" monograph in 2007. He took part in the 48th Biennale d'arte di Venezia, exhibited works at the Focke Museum in Bremen and has held both solo and collective exhibitions and installations at Design Miami, Basle; PAD, Paris; Arte e fiera; ArtCurial and Sotheby's.


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